In almost every country, state, city, rural towns and jurisdictions, the most common form of betting is almost always betting on lottery.

Is Betting on Lottery Gambling

The simplest answer for you is yes.

Granted, not everyone thinks about betting or gambling when considering buying a lottery ticket.

But when one purchases a lottery ticket, you are betting. Usually your are placing a bet of one or two dollars that you will win the prize or jackpot.

That is a gamble.

Lottery is Popular Everywhere

We have found that the lottery, some times state run, is a popular pastime for betting everywhere.

You could probably run a survey in almost any town, and you might be surprised how many people would say they play lottery regularly or least frequently.

Euro Lottery Jackpot is Popular

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Many Types of Lotteries

There are different types of lotteries depending on the geographic locations.

The two most common types of lotteries are the scratch off ticket and the multiple number drawings.

Scratch Off Tickets

Commonly known as a scratch off ticket or scratch card, this is an instant win game.

To play this you buy a ticket, and then scratch off the sections as defined and you can win instantly. Most common are tickets that have numerous boxes to scratch to reveal a number, or item in the area.

Depending on the game type of ticket, you will usually need to match a few of the items or numbers to win a certain value prize. The amount won will be dependent on the game and state or country it is being played. We have seen some prizes in a variety of ranges.

Below are just a small number of possibilities, they could be higher or lower depending on the game.

  • Free Ticket
  • $1
  • $5
  • $20
  • $100
  • $1000
  • $5000
  • Free Entry into a larger drawing

Pick 3, Pick 4 Type Daily or Fantasy 5 Lottery

Depending on the state or location, many states have a daily or weekly pick 3, 4 or fantasy 5 type of lottery pick. In these you buy a ticket that you lick numbers in hopes your numbers will be the ones drawn at the specified time.

Some states do this type of lottery daily or a few times a week, and the prizes for these vary and are usually higher depending on the total numbers you have to pick.

Sometimes the fantasy 5 type of drawings are based on a pool of winners system, where a prize of a certain amount is distributed among those that won that week.

Lotto Type Drawings

Lotto type of drawings are certainly the most popular forms of lottery tickets. Many of these type are based on a single weekly drawing and often will have millions of tickets sold each week.

Various number ranges and amount of winning number needed as well as prize amounts will be very dependent on the state in which the drawing is for. Some variations are also multi-state, and some of them can be a million dollars and many will climb in the tens of millions of dollars.

Ranging from picking 6 numbers from 1 through 42, 6 numbers from 1 through 49, 6 numbers from 1 through 53, 6 numbers from 1 through 54, they do vary from state to state or group of states that participate in certain drawings.

Powerball Lotto

Another very popular type of lotto game is the powerball.

Unique for this particular lottery is that it is offered in 45 states last we checked.

Players or bettors pick 5 numbers from 1 though 69. These are known as the players white ball numbers. Then they also pick 1 number from 1 through 26 as their powerball or red ball number.

Intrigued by the mechanics of the Powerball?

If you are curious as to the history or more then the basics of the powerball, check out the wiki at Powerball Lottery.

How to Win Powerball Lotto

During the weekly pick, first 5 numbers are drawn (white balls picked from a machine similar to how bingo balls are drawn). To win any prize you would need to have a ticket that matches at least 3 numbers, or a red ball number.

Then a powerball number is drawn from the red balls numbered from 1 through 26.

Winners, in a pool based system will earn a share of the prize based on how many numbers they picked. As an example, if there are 3 winners that got all 6 numbers (5 white and 1 red) correct, and the prize was 30 million dollars, then those 3 people would share in the 30 million.

Gambling for Non Gamblers

Strangely many people that consider themselves a non-gambler still play the lottery. They might be the type of person that would never visit a casino or poker room but they will wait in line at the convenience store to buy a ticket.

Overall they most often do not view it as betting even though it really is.

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