You will see in our Fast and Sexy Slot Review what inspired the game.

Theme and Background of the Game

Based and inspired by the Fast & Furious film series, this game has a lot of what the movies did, sexy girls, fast cars and plenty of excitement.

Initially this games was developed and released at Bovada Casino but exclusivity no longer exists and it is available in other casinos also.

The game developer Qora Gaming has a growing list of slots for casinos and we pledge to continue to review them here at EZ-Bet.

Design of the Game

This game has a bit of a unique design in the layout.

The game screen itself is made to look a bit like the back of a supercar, and the reel resemble the tires of the sportscar. There are even flames that shoot out from the exhaust as the car appears to pull away from you..

And even the spin button you press somewhat appears as a tachometer watching the engine rev.

Occasionally one of the sexy girl will pop out to congratulate you on a win.

Fast and Sexy Slot Screen Shot

fast and sexy slot review image

The Game Symbols

Each of the game symbols that are cards also list exotic cities such as A Monaco, K Vegas, Q Tokyo J Havana and 10 Sydney.

There are also 4 Girl Symbols each with slightly different match values. There is a 4 star redhead, a 3 star blonde, 2 star oriental girl and a 1 star black girl. Each one of them represents a character from one of the films.

We have listed below the payouts for the card symbols when you match them on a payline:

  • 4 star redhead match 5 for 500, 4 for 300, 3 for 40, 2 for 2
  • 3 star blonde 5 for 300, 4 for 100 and 3 for 25
  • 2 star girl match 5 for 200, 4 for 80 and 3 for 20
  • 1 star black girl match 5 for 200, 4 for 80 and 3 for 20
  • A, K match 5 for 150, 4 for 40 and 3 for 10
  • Q, J, and 10 match 5 for 100, 4 for 20 and 3 for 5

Wild Symbols

The wild symbols appear somewhat basic and is the Wild Girls symbol but they do have a neon look to them

If you get the wild girls symbol on reel 3 it will expand as expected, and it also triggers a respin of the other 4 reels. The wild will stay in reel 3 and respin will be on reels 1,2, 3 and 4.

The wild symbol will substitute for all symbols except the free spins and bonus.

Free Spin Symbol

The free spin symbol, also with a neon look to it. Any time you get 3 symbols it triggers 10 Free Spins.

Free Spins can be re-triggered during the free spins rounds. Free spin rounds have a 2X multiplier so they can be lucrative.

Bonus Game is Unique

When you get the bonus round you are presented with 3 supercars to choose from. You choose which car you think is best and your choice will reward you with a multiplier.

You will have 3 rounds where you make a supercar choice. Each of the 3 multipliers will be added together to multiply the win which sent you to the bonus round.

Final Review Thoughts on the Fast and Sexy Slot Game

As an avid slot lover we enjoy playing different slots with differ themes and differing ways of handling bonus rounds. This slots does have that.

We like the choices in auto spin, and the bonus game can be rewarding. The girl popping out on the wins on occasion is a nice touch also.

We really like the bonus rounds where the player is seemingly more involved in the outcome of the round, such as making a choice, in this case of a car. We feel this adds a bit more to the game enjoyment.

Since this slot is becoming more widely available in online casinos we do recommend if you see it in the list of slots wile playing give it a spin. Or visit a casino specifically to try it out.

Quick Features List
Game Name

Fast & Sexy Slot

Software Platform

Qora Gaming

General Theme of Game

Race Cars, Sexy Girls (themed in part after Fast & Furious Movies)

Type of Game

Slot Machine

Number of Reels


Number of Paylines


Progressive Jackpot


Bonus Rounds or Free Spins


Expanding Symbols

Yes the Wild Expands on the reel it Lands

Expected RTP

Currently Unknown (will update later)

Year Released


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