At first glance you might think the the Reels and Wheels slot is just a simple boring wheel slot. That would be an incorrect assumption, this slot has a lot of ways to win.

Retro Slot Theme

This slot does have a bit of a retro feel to it’s theme, but the wins can be huge.

Similar to what you might consider a vintage classic slot, it is a 3 reel single pay line slot, with better graphics.

Screenshot of the Reels and Wheels Slot

reels and wheels slot image

Reels and Wheels Slot Payout Table

As you have seen in the screenshot above the payout table for the reels and wheels slot is easy to understand.

Below we provide a simplified version of the payouts, which you can access easily any time in the game.

  • Match 3 Diamonds for 500
  • Match 3 7’s for 50
  • Match 3 Triple Bars for 20
  • Match 3 Double Bars for 10
  • Match 2 Diamonds for 5
  • Match 3 Single Bars for 5
  • Match 3 Cherries for 3
  • Match 3 of any Bars for 2
  • Match 2 Cherries for 1

Wild Multiplier Diamond

The diamond symbol acts as a wild and multiplier on the payline. It substitutes for any symbol and multiplies the win by 2.

When you land 2 diamonds on the payline it multiples by 5.

5 Progressive Jackpots in Reels and Wheels Slot

The Reels & Wheels slot has 5 different progressive jackpots.

Vegas Jackpot is the Largest. There is also Mega, Major, Minor and Mini Jackpot. Each of these ca offer a random jackpot payout from a few hundred dollars up to more than 5 figures.

Bonus Symbol

When you land a bonus symbol it will trigger the bonus round. This symbol will only appear on the third reel.

You will now be given a chance to spin the Bonus Wheel.

Your bet will be multiplied from anywhere from 5 up to 500, or be provided access to the Jackpot Wheel.

Gaining a Spin on the Jackpot Wheel

If you land the Jackpot Wheel section when you spin the bonus wheel, you have just gained a chance to spin the Jackpot Wheel.

You now have the opportunity to win one of 5 available jackpots.

Quick Features List
Game Name

Reels and Wheels Slot

Software Platform

Qora Gaming

General Theme of Game

Retro Style Classic Slot

Type of Game

Slot Machine

Number of Reels


Number of Paylines


Progressive Jackpot

Yes 5 Available Progressive Jackpots

Bonus Rounds or Free Spins

Bonus and Jackpots Spin Rounds Available

Transitioning Symbols


Expected RTP


Year Released

December 2020

Reels and Wheels is worth a Spin

Classic and 3 reel slot lovers will like the Reels and Wheels game and certainly want to give it a spin.

Addition of the Bonus Wheel and Jackpot Wheel make this slot worth trying even for players that might not normally play a 3 reel slot.

To make it easier for you to find places to play this slot we have listed a few of the casino that have this game below.


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