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EZ-Betting on Sports FAQ

For those players who have yet to cross over to online betting you may want to read our EZ-Betting on Sports FAQ for guidance.

Answers to the EZ-Betting on Sports FAQ

We have found that often new sports bettors will have questions when considering betting at online sportsbooks. Below are some of the common questions with answers bettors may have in the FAQ.

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One of the trusted sportsbooks we recommend here at EZ-Bet is Sportsbetting. They cover many sports and have a casino and poker room.

ez-betting on sports faq

EZ-Betting on Sports FAQ

You have questions and we have answers. See our FAQ below.

  • How Can I bet on Sports?
  • Can I Bet on Any Sport Online?
  • Are Sports the Only Thing I can Bet On?
  • Are Online Sportsbooks Safe to Bet At?
  • How Do I Choose a Safe Sportsbook?

How Can I bet on Sports?

In order to bet on sports online you will need an account at a sportsbook. After logging in and funding your account, you only need to chose a sport to bet on, and the type of bet to place and the amount.

Within a few minutes and a few simple clicks your bet will be placed. Your account will show your betting slip, the amount and the odds.

Can I Bet on Any Sport Online?

Just about any sport. Most sportsbooks accept bets on the American market, as well as European markets, olympics and more. Below is a short list of sports found at most sportsbooks.

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • College Sports
  • Olympics
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • MBA
  • Hockey
  • Track and Field
  • World Cup
  • F! and Other Auto Racing
  • Nascar
  • Some Women’s Sports Leagues
  • UFC
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Tennis

Are Sports the Only Thing I can Bet On?

No in fact most books having other betting products. Besides many of them having casinos, horse racing and poker many have other products. Often referred to as futures or props bets, there are options such as MVP in major sports games or who might win a future election. Do you think you know who will be rookie of the year or who might win a Hollywood entertainment contest? Often various sportsbooks will have action on such things.

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe to Bet At?

They can be of you choose the correct sportsbook and casino. You should make sure they have good reputations among players. If you happen to belong to player groups or forums watch for unresolved complaints. Also be aware if a sportsbook has a long line of reports of paying winners quickly and efficiently they are most likely a trusted operator.

How Do I Choose a Safe Sportsbook?

Spending a bit of time reading reviews of online sportsbooks at sports and sports betting website such as our site EZ-Bet. Make note of how ling they have been in operation and the markets they accept players from. Not all operators will accept players from all markets, even though they might take bets for sports world wide.

Here at EZ-Bet we monitor many of the larger player and industry related forums and groups closely. We keep an eye out for operators and how quickly they respond to players concerns. The sportsbooks and casinos we recommend here at EZ-Bet are hand picked among those with the best reputations for their markets.

EZ-Betting on Sports FAQ Final Wrap Up

While the above sportsbetting faq may not be a complete list, we have tried to cover the important points. We may also expand them in the future.

When searching for sportsbooks and casinos be sure to check out our recommendations below or read through some of our reviews.

No matter where you play, know your limits and please gamble responsibly.


Recommended Online EZ Sports Betting

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Redstag Casino

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Casino Max

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